UPDATE: A new PassBiology is being developed so there is not a lot of updating/ link fixing occurring for the current site.  It is slow progress so aiming for a 2018 switch. 

Kia Ora Biologists. Pass Biology Learning Hub mixes NCEA Language and examples with online interactive resources. Helping students pass exams since 2011!

This website is constantly being updated to help all students in New Zealand understand and enjoy biology and of course help you pass your NCEA exams all for FREE. Currently we are getting on average 600 individual users a day which is great and leading up to exams this spikes to over 1200 users a day (based on the last couple of years), if you use the site please like it on Facebook and spread the word. If you find something helpful to you studies online please email it to me to add, you can find my email here. 2016 exam content is currently being added and make sure you read the blog below.

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