#Passbio will now remain up for the foreseeable future but I will not be updating apart from fixing broken links. Thanks for all the support and all the best for the 2018 school year. Mike @ passbio

PassBio has been supported by Jason at Scipad for the last 6 Years. Thanks for the support. 
Check out their workbooks and study guides @  www.scipad.co.nz

Pass Biology Learning Hub mixes NCEA Language and examples with online interactive resources in a large database that links to your NCEA course. Passbio has been helping students pass exams since 2011 all for free! 
In 2017 Passbio passed the 1 million unique visitor mark. Thanks for all the eyes. 

How to use 
There are 4 main items to every PassBiology page. Videos, slides, animations and key words.

Videos - These have been carefully selected from YouTube from a variety of channels to best suit the NZ curriculum and year level to save you the time.

Slides -These cover the key ideas of each part of the standard. There are notes, images and some questions made by master teachers.

Animations - There are interactive animations and games that link to the idea or concept from all around the web.

Key words/ Quizlet - Often these are at the top of each page and link to the must learn key word lists. Quizlet will soon be linked to these for interactive learning.


Images from Creative Commons Library/ wikicommons