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How to use

There are 4 main items to every PassBiology page. Videos, slides, animations and key words.

Videos - These have been carefully selected from YouTube from a variety of channels to best suit the NZ curriculum and year level to save you the time.

Slides -These cover the key ideas of each part of the standard. There are notes, images and some questions made by master teachers.

Animations - There are interactive animations and games that link to the idea or concept from all around the web.

Key words/ Quizlet - Often these are at the top of each page and link to the must learn key word lists. Quizlet will soon be linked to these for interactive learning.

I also recommend studying in a blended way. Have a study book beside you and use paper and electronic study together. has a fantastic set of study books for Biology that I recommend. 


This website is constantly being updated to help all students in New Zealand understand and enjoy biology and of course help you pass your NCEA exams all for FREE. Currently we are getting on average 650 individual users a day which is great and leading up to exams this spikes to over 1200 users a day (based on the last couple of years), if you use the site please like it on Facebook and spread the word. If you find something helpful to you studies online please email it to me to add, you can find my email here. 

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 Images from Creative Commons Library/ Cartoon use permission granted by Hayes Robert (Artist)