Pass Biology Learning Hub mixes NCEA Language and examples with online interactive resources in a large database that links to your NCEA course. Passbio has been helping students pass exams since 2011 all for free! 
In 2017 Passbio passed the 1 million unique visitor mark. Thanks for all the eyes. 

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I am slowly migrating the site to the new Google sites. During this period parts will be missing and not accessible. Thanks for the patience. 

How to use 
There are 4 main items to every PassBiology page. Videos, slides, animations and key words.

Videos - These have been carefully selected from YouTube from a variety of channels to best suit the NZ curriculum and year level to save you the time.

Slides -These cover the key ideas of each part of the standard. There are notes, images and some questions made by master teachers.

Animations - There are interactive animations and games that link to the idea or concept from all around the web.

Key words/ Quizlet - Often these are at the top of each page and link to the must learn key word lists. Quizlet will soon be linked to these for interactive learning.