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Micro-organisms Key Words

·        inoculate: Transferring a microbe into a petri dish

·        extracellular digestion: The breaking down of food by enzymes occurring outside of the cell

·        enzyme: A chemical produced by a cell for digestion

·        pathogen: Microbes that causes disease

·        saprophyte: A microbe that feeds on dead matter

·        aerobic: Microbes that use oxygen during respiration

·        anaerobic: Microbes that do not use oxygen during respiration

·        hyphae: Fine root-like threads used for feeding by fungi

·        spores: Reproductive cells of fungi

·        sporangium: A part of a fungi that produces spores

·        toxin: Poisonous substances released by microbes

·        disinfectant: Chemicals applied onto living tissue that kills microbes

·        antibiotic: Substance taken internally to kill bacteria