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The internal content share is for teachers only and will be to share Internal tasks that have been moderated/ used. You will require a Google account and you will need to request access - If you are a member of NZ Biology Teachers Facebook page or message me your school position, you will be added. Please only share files you have permission from the creators to share. Currently L2 and L3 Biology only. This database is Brand new so files will be added as they are shared. 

Teacher Articles
Articles to read reflections from the Pass Biology journey and what I am playing around with.

Under Construction - Worksheets discovered and and created. Please do not share anything that is not open source.

Best links of 2016 and 2017

Games - fantastic Biology games Ask a biologist game section - Excellent Biology based games (Browser or app). nova labs (seniors)


YouTube Channels - Biology in drawings - Great Bio videos! - Amazing animal tasters - Great!!!!


Others Bozeman, Crash course, some v sauce, sci show, smarter every day, veritasium


Interactive websites - animated genetics - Amazing interactive contextual activities - interesting interactive

Activities Serindip interactive workshops Lessons on Biodiversity and excellent resource


Looking for a streaming bbc/ science documentary – try


Tips on finding teaching resources electronically via Google


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